Since 2014 I have worked together with several research groups of different universities implementing digital methods for their specific research questions and necessities.



UNIR: XML-TEI Collection and Graphs in Theatre

I have helped the research group GHEDI to model a workflow and implement a collection of theatre plays in XML-TEI of the Edad de Plata (Valle-Inclán, Lorca, Galdós…). I have also implemented a way to extract information about the characters from each scene in order to visualise it and analyse it as graphs:

Graph of Electra, from Galdós

Graph of Electra, from Galdós


U. Alcalá: Catálogo Medieval

I assumed the conversion and publication of the catalogue that Elisa Borsari created for her PhD as a database and a website. It gives access to valuable metadata and segments of hundreds of works translated anonymously.

Catalogo Medieval Compendio de la salud humana

Catálogo Medieval: Compendio de la salud humana


UAM: Website of Philobiblion and publishing work flow

I implemented the website of this association of young hispanists after elaborating their needs for the website and preferences about the style. We also developed together an optimal workflow to publish their journal both in HTML and PDF.

Philobiblion's Website

Philobiblion’s Website

Kolia Documentación

Kolia documentación: development of their website

I implemented the website of the Spanish company for documentation services Kolia Documentación. The incunable style of the website was a challenge that fits perfectly the digital tasks that this company carries out with valuable collections.

Kolia Documentación

Kolia Documentación’s Website


UNED: maintenance of the website LexVin

Other projects

Besides my work as a consultant, I have also led different projects, some of them personal, some of them as assignments from other colleagues. To see a list of my research, click here. To know more about other projects like Clásicos Hispánicos, click here.


This is a list of programming languages, formats and programmes that I have used to implement projects or for my research:

  • Markup: XML, XML-TEI, XHTML
  • Programming languages: Python, PHP; Xpath; XSLT and R
  • eBooks: XHTML, ePUB, Mobi
  • Websites: HTML, CSS, WordPress, Wiki
  • Databases: MySQL, Access and the conversion from other formats such as Word or Excel

Consulting services

Depending on the group, the project, and the stage of the work, our necessities are going to be different. I can help your research group in the different stages of the work:

  • Modelling: sometimes you only need a first orientation in the right direction. We can analyse the characteristics of the project, the problems, and inform you about possible solutions
  • Design: the next step is to think about the specific steps and details in different areas (programming languages, formats) and get the first results
  • Implementation: once we know exactly what you want, we need to ensure that it works smoothly not only with some examples but with all our data
  • Maintenance: if you don’t want to worry about something to stop working in the future
Example of  convertion from Word to TEI

Example of workflow from Word to TEI and XHTML