About me

I am a researcher and librarian at the Göttingen State and University Library, Germany.

I am also a PhD candidate within the e-Humanities junior research group “Computational Literary Genre Stylistics” (CLiGS) at the University of Würzburg. My thesis was submmited at the beginning of 2020.

Research interests

  • Creation of corpora, specially in XML-TEI and ePUB
  • Statistical methods applied to data sets from the Humanities
  • Romance languages, specially their literary texts
  • Qualitative annotation
  • Metadata from libraries
  • Literary genres
  • Stylometry and authorship attribution

You can find a list of my papers and presentations here.


Correlation between canon and digitization.

Projects and Data

Read more about the projects and data sets I have helped to develop.


XML-TEI Quijote for Clásicos Hispánicos

Previous Activities: Consulting and technological solutions

In the past, I helped several research groups from the Humanities to implement digital methods for their specific interests. Some examples are:

  • UNIR: Development of a Corpus of Spanish Theatre in TEI and its use for network research
  • UAM: Development of the website of Philobiblion
  • U. Alcalá: Development of Catálogo Medieval
  • UNED: Maintenance of their research project website
  • Kolia: Development of their website